Job offer posted on November 6, 2018

Shoot Manager

Shoot Manager
Department : Mocap Schedule :
Type : Permanent Location : Montreal

Job description

Game On is looking for an experienced Shoot Manager. The candidate will be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations on the mocap stage and for assessing the performance of the cast and technical crew. He or she must closely monitor the schedule and budget as established, and regularly report to the game’s producers and creative director concerning the progress of production. Similar to the film and television production process, the Shoot Manager reviews samples of the day’s work to ensure quality of recorded motion capture footage and sees that the data is properly collected and stored. All images and data that are collected during motion capture are managed through the pipeline to artists, animators, and programmers by the Shoot Manager.



Preparing mocap shoot

  • Script analysis to determine needs for sets, props, etc.
  • Create a schedule based on available actors, sets to place in real-time, etc.
  • Analyse and comment a client’s shotlist
  • Prepare the shotlist in the right template
  • Creation and preparation (markers) of props
  • Discuss needs and all related mocap shoot topics with the client
  • Make sure the stage is clean and ready prior to a shoot
  • Communicate all needs with the coordinator and follow-up with them
  • Anticipate all other needs

Mocap shoot

  • Mark performers and calibrate the system
  • Fill out the shotlist correctly during the shoot
  • Stay aware and notice potential problems related to post-production
  • Manage the client’s expectations and last minute requests
  • Print the shotlist and script when needed
  • Good management of TAK, C3D and videos
  • Create vsks and a Blade eclipse database


  • Data tracking in Blade using our internal pipeline
  • Preparation/correction of the shotlist with timecodes
  • Solving et scenes integration in Motion Builder
  • Prepare PACKs for delivery
  • Deliver videos, data, other
  • Keep the environment and material clean
  • Keep the props inventory up to date
  • All other necessary support to the mocap team


  • You have a wealth of motion capture experience and practical knowledge.  You are adept at motion capture clean up, solving and retargeting across multiple applications, including Vicon Blade, Optitrack Motive, Autodesk MotionBuilder and Maya.
  • You stay cool under pressure and have a calming effect on your team during crisis. You truly enjoy motion capture and are constantly driven to improve both your understanding of the medium and investigate the next big leap forward in technology.
  • You have great communication skills, are receptive to critique, and can yourself provide insightful feedback. Appreciation for professional and constructive debate is a must.
  • Any additional skills, such as Python programming or a character animation background, we consider a definite plus.

Minimum requirements

  • 5+ years motion capture industry experience
  • Education in 3D Animation, Motion Capture, or related field
  • Mastery of Vicon Blade with an emphasis on post production pipelines
  • Proficiency with the HSL scripting language
  • Proficiency with Autodesk Motionbuilder and Maya