Game On studios Full performance motion capture and audio studios

Our state of the art Montreal full performance mocap stage and audio studios offer over 27,000 square feet of space to help bring your ideas to life.

Audio studio

With our state of the art studios at your disposal we can meet all your audio needs: casting, recording, sound design, music production, mixing, and post production. Anything you need delivered in industry leading quality.

  • 2 Protools based recording studios
  • 5.1 mixing studios
  • Editing suites
  • Source connect capabilites in every studio
  • Recording studios in Montreal and a network of partner studios around the world



Years of experience.

Motion capture studio

Our Montreal full performance motion capture stage is the largest on the East Coast. The size of our capture volume combined with our 56 Optitrack cameras allows us to precisely capture anything you can imagine.

  • 56 Optitrack Prime 41 cameras
  • 5 Fox VFX Lab (Technoprops) Helmet Mounted Cameras
  • 53 ft x 30 ft x 23 ft capture volume
  • A stage that delivers fantastic acoustics for final audio capture
  • Equipped with stunt / wire work capabilities
  • TV Wall for real-time previsualization
  • Green screen
  • In-house props shop
  • Mobile shoot capabilities
  • Outdoor shoot capabilities
  • Animal capture
  • Virtual camera

Ability to capture up to 10 actors simultaneously.

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