Montreal, home of French VO Montreal the perfect place for French dialog that stays true to your original game.

Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city in the world, and so it stands to reason that it has a large talent pool of French actors and vast experience in French localization. But as a truly bilingual city, Montreal also has a perfect understanding of English speaking culture and the games industry. All of which makes Montreal the ideal location to record an International French voice over that keeps the spirit of the original game intact.

The 3 top reasons to record French in Montreal

1- Montreal is the largest French as a first language city in the Americas, and as such it is home to thousands of experienced video game performers. This includes actors, directors, and translators who can all understand and recreate the subtleties of the original English version of the game.

2- Montreal is steeped in game culture and the industry has flourished here. The city boasts some of the best recording studios and engineers in North America having won numerous plaudits for the quality of their work.

3- Excellent Value:  Montreal provides one of the most competitive business environments in North America and allows you to take advantage of a favourable exchange rate.

Game On is awesome! We used them for casting, voice directing, and VO recording. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to use them again. There have been so many times when I was at the session thinking “we should do a different take with a little more …” Then suddenly and without prompting voice director would chime in and direct the talent in a way exactly as I was thinking.

Greg Shaw Microsoft Studios
We localize world class heroes into French. Here are just a few of them. For the best French localization, contact us

Game On's French language expertise in numbers

  1. Since 2002 we’ve logged 18,500 hours of recording.
  2. Last year we booked 665 actors.
  3. We have shipped over 180 projects, including AAA titles, mobile games and VR Experiences.
  4. We can deliver high quality processed files just 1 business day after recording.
  5. We can also integrate your dialog assets directly into your game.
“We would like to highlight the great work by the dubber of the French version of Vaas, it’s really good work. The rest of the cast is also top notch […]” about Game On work on Far Cry 3 For award-winning French dialogs, contact-us

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a one-stop localization solution?

Yes, we can do it all. From script translation to recording and integrating, in whatever language you require.

Do you have Rythmo-Band capabilities?

Yes. All of Game On’s Montreal studios are equipped with Rythmo-Band for precision lip-syncing and high efficiency recording sessions.

For any other questions please contact us. Ask your question