Audio production Voice over recording, sound design and music production for mobile games

Our studio offers a complete range of audio services for your mobile game. We will work with you to create a fast iteration process, delivering high quality audio, on time and on budget.

Dialogue recording

As a leader in game dialogue audio since 2002, we apply our AAA experience to every project we work on. We use our AAA knowledge to successfully implement dialogue in mobile games to deliver outstanding quality. Our highly skilled and experienced team of technicians work with the best voice over actors and directors in Canada and the US to make your script come to life.
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Hours of voice over recording since 2002.

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Sound design services

Our experienced award-winning audio designers and integrators will assist you with your mobile game’s audio development process to ensure you get the results you want. Whether you need us to integrate audio in your game or just record specific sounds, our studio can do it. We adapt to your game’s scope and budget to deliver solutions that fit.


Sound designers and integrators.

Shop Heroes

User review: “The graphics are very good, and the background music is good too […] Highly recommended!!”

(Google Play Store, January 2016)

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Music production for games

Let Game On create a soundtrack that does your gameplay justice. We do it all in our studio: music licensing, original compositions, music editing to facilitate in-game integration, and of course, music production. Let our composers and producers bring the perfect audio environment to life.

“We partnered with Game On to get instant expertise for the sound design and music for Shop Heroes. Their background and professionalism allowed us to bring them on as our external “Audio Department”, with a full service mandate, taking care of all our audio needs.”

Johan Eile Chief Operating Officer at Cloudcade

Composers we have worked with this year.

Frequently asked questions

Can you work with us on our game development remotely?

Yes, we frequently work remotely with clients around the globe. For example, we can connect with VPN and Perforce.

Can you work for multiple platforms?

Absolutely, we have a proven track record of shipping games on various platforms.

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