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With our high quality standards and experienced localization team, our studio will maximize your mobile game's impact in new markets.

Dialogue localization services

Localized content is vital for a worldwide success of your mobile game. Our teams work hard, regardless of the scope of your game, to ensure that any localized version is up to the same high standards as your original language version. It is all about planning, bringing together the right cast and team in the right deadlines.


Languages we can record in.


Postproduced dialogue files.

Upload your dialogue files and we’ll clean and return them so you can experience the quality of our dialogue postproduction pipeline. Upload your dialogue sample

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can you deliver dialogue audio files that are ready to be integrated in our mobile game?

We deliver processed files one business day after they’ve been recorded or received.

Can you integrate localized dialogues in our game?

Yes, we can work with your platform to integrate the dialog assets.

For any other questions please contact us. Ask your question