Motion Capture Motion capture services for mobile games

The East Coast’s largest full performance motion capture studio gives you an enormous playground to bring your characters to life, allowing you to reach new heights in realistic animations in your gameplay. Results that will get you noticed.

Performance capture

At our Montreal based motion capture studio, we capture in unparalleled quality with 56 Optitrack Prime 41 cameras in a 16m x 9m x 7m capture volume. Our pricing includes a permanent stunt structure so we can capture it all in a single shoot. With our dynamic team of mocap specialists and cutting edge equipment you get incredibly detailed data that allows you to create much more realistic in-game animations than ever before. We also take care of all the other aspects of a mocap shoot: casting, hotels, transport to Montreal, work permits, and prop building. We handle it all, so you can concentrate on the work.

“We deliver mocap data of exceptional quality. Our full performance motion capture studio is purpose-built so we have total control over camera placement, lighting, and environmental factors. That allows us to fully capture the dynamics of any performance.”

Marion Guignolle, Mocap Specialist

Performers booked in the last year.

Motion capture postproduction

We do it all internally. Our studio offer flexible mocap postproduction pipelines suitable for productions with a high volume of animations and built to maintain the dynamics of the original captured movement. We optimize productivity with our advanced knowledge of biomechanics. We track and clean with Vicon Blade and use Blade and Ikinema for solving. Our 3D rig preparation results in the best translation from capture to the final product. All this in one internal pipeline.


Formats Game On supports: fbx, c3d, ma, mb, max, bip, hdf, etc.

Experience the quality of our motion capture postproduction. Simply upload a data sample and our team will clean it and return it. Upload data

“We go the extra distance in supporting the client by taking care of all of their needs in a unique all-inclusive package. For instance, any specific prop or set that isn’t already part of our extensive portfolio we will build in our shop.”

Josianne Gagné, Shoot Manager

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can you organize a mocap shoot?

5 business days gives us time to put together a well planned motion capture shoot for your video game.

Is the pool of actors large enough in Canada?

Absolutely. We are signatories with the major performer unions, ACTRA and SAG-AFTRA, so we can cast from anywhere across Canada or the US.

For any other questions please contact us. Ask your question