Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

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Game On was provided with the opportunity to brace Panache Digital Games’ vision enabling them to bring together Ancestors : The Humankind Odyssey, a both unique and innovative survival game.

The encounter of two passionate teams could have resulted in nothing less than a healthy and challenged-filled collaboration, brimmed with discussions, trials, and results, always seeking to go beyond limits.

“I feel as though Game On was literally part of our team, and we of theirs. We have truly succeeded in creating this game together.” – Patrice Désilets, Cofounder and Creative Director at Panache.

In addition to dedicating both our audio and motion capture departments to the game, we have been assigned the task of producing several cinematics thanks to our 3D animation division. “At Game On, we have put our mocap expertise at work in order to give life to Ororrin, this being nobody has ever seen in motion. Together, we have brought our ancestors back to life!” – Sam Girardin, Game On Founder.

For Panache Cofounder and Creative Director Patrice Désilets, the experience is a matter of gameplay. The immersion must begin the moment the controller is picked-up and the audio universe plays a crucial role in this game taking place 10 million years ago in Neogene Africa. “Without dialogues to rely on, an extreme level of creativity was required to create the atmosphere as well as to support this nonlinear game’s narration track.”

Working on Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey was an exciting challenge and Panache has been successful in bringing together a qualified team that was able to conceive a memorable experience. “Establishing a creative collaboration with a new booming game studio was an incredibly rewarding experience.” – Sam Girardin, Game On Founder.

“We have the freedom to take risks, to create something ambitious and to expand boundaries. Game On made it possible for us to fulfill these aspirations.”

Jean-François Boivin, Cofounder and Producer at Panache

Type of work: Audio, Motion capture, Animation
Scope of Work:
– Audio: audio direction, sound design, foley, VO casting & direction, VO recording, audio integration, in-game mixing, music supervision & mixing
– Motion capture: casting, talent management, body motion capture
– Animation: Quadruped keyframe animation
Publisher: Private Division
Developer: Panache Digital Games

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