Deadpool 2 Motion capture for the Big CGI fight

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SPOILER ALERT [SOUND OF AMBULANCE SIRENS GO HERE]. If you have not seen Deadpool 2 yet, then you’d better stop reading this, like, now. Yes, Deadpool 2 is great. The jokes are funny, the villains are terrifying, and Ryan Reynolds (he’s a Canadian, folks) is transcendant, as always. But what you might not know is that the good people at Game On had a hand in Deadpool 2’s greatness.  

And we’d really like to tell you about it. I mean, really like to tell you about it. But we can’t. Because someone who hasn’t seen Deadpool 2 is still reading this. Yes, we are talking about you, sir. Did you not hear the SPOILER ALERT sirens? We are waiting. [Sound of FINGER TAPPING goes here.]

OK, he’s gone. What an a-hole, right?

Here’s what Game On did: A talented company called Framestore contributed a huge amount of CGI to Deadpool 2 (229 shots of retina-searing CGI content, if you’re keeping score at home). When Framestore needed assistance with motion capture for the battle between Juggernaut and Colossus—yes, that battle—they phoned Game On.

We found the biggest, baddest, freak-of-nature stuntman that we could find. Seriously, this guy has legs like tree trunks and a chest like a barrel. We wired him up with all of our gear. Then we turned the big guy loose. And we captured all of it on film.

Game On’s attitude towards mocap can be summed up in one word: WYSIWYG. No, you are not stricken with a rare case of instant dyslexia. WYSIWYG is Game On’s acroynym for “What You Shoot Is What You Get.” That’s our core philosophy when it comes to mocap. Get it in the mocap session, and it’ll wind up in the film.

Also: It helps if you have the phone number of the biggest, baddest stuntman in Montreal. (We do.)

So be sure to think about us when you see Deadpool 2 again. (Seriously, it’s worth seeing twice. There are so many jokes that you missed because you were laughing too hard.) And think about GameOn when Juggernaut and Colossus go mano e mano. And the next time you need motion capture done for a CGI scene, you know who to call. (That’s us, folks.)

Type of work: Motion Capture
Scope of work: Body capture, Casting, Data solving
VFX studio: Framestore Montreal

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