Maneater E3 trailer

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When our client wanted to showcase big at E3, we met their expectations with a tailored in-engine trailer pipeline directly synced to their build.

Using existing game assets, we added geometry and upped the texture quality for multiple close-up shots. New shaders (for the skin, for instance) were written using subsurface scattering, and we modeled and textured new content that was essential to the storytelling of the trailer.

Character animations were transferred through our in-house pipeline with a perfect frame-accurate translation between MotionBuilder and Maya to Unreal Engine 4. Our proprietary facial system translated the nuances of the actor’s facial movement capture from the full performance shoot.

We believe virtual in-engine production should be as streamlined and linear as conventional processes, enhanced by the velocity and automation that only a game engine can do. In this case, our in-engine pipeline allowed us to use our client’s in-game assets for quick iteration on the content and shipment of the trailer in under five weeks.

Type of work: In-engine cinematic trailer
Scope of Work: 3D models, textures, rigs, casting, talent management, full performance capture, facial tracking and animation, keyframe animation, in-engine integration, FX, lighting and final render
Publisher: Tripwire Interactive
Developer: Tripwire Interactive

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