Shattered State

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We’re proud to have been selected by Supermassive Games to provide the body motion edit for their latest VR game, Shattered State. The acclaimed UK studio is back with another interactive cinematic experience - and this time, they’re unleashing players’ decisions upon an entire nation.

For Shattered State, our in-house artists created more than two hours of polished animation—finessing intricate movements of fingers, knitting together sound contact with props, and executing precise pose matching for body animation that looks and feels natural. The finished effect is one that delivers a level of realism that draws players into each scene for a wholly immersive experience across the entire game.

Check out this trailer of actual in-game footage for an authentic look at our work.

Type of work: Animation
Scope of work: Motion editing, Pose matching
Publisher: Supermassive Games
Developer: Supermassive Games

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