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Type of work: Motion Capture

Scope of work: Mocap Shoot, Mocap Data Postproduction

Developer: Project-1

Game On’s mocap stage recently hosted professional soccer players from Brazil and Canada to capture tutorials for Soccer-1, a coaching methodology developed to help athletes gain better insights into their game.


The Soccer-1 tool provides video tutorials to learn faster and increase performance. The users, equipped with motion capture sensors, are able to get immediate feedback on their techniques as the software compares their movements to those performed by the professionals in our mocap studio.

To capture the most realistic movements, Game On’s mocap team had to recreate the perfect conditions for players. We transformed our capture stage (16m x 9m x 7m) into a soccer field by covering it with synthetic turf, to ensure a realistic friction between the player’s soccer cleats and the ground.

We also installed a safety net on our permanent rigging structure, from the ceiling to the ground and from one side of the mocap stage to the other, for players to kick the ball around freely, as they would do on their practice field.

Our mocap team also determined the best placements for the sensors markers, so that the 56 cameras could record the whole movement of the kicked soccer ball.

We worked intensively to meet Soccer-1’s technical expectations, while delivering quality services and animation. 

Find out more about this mocap shoot with Ricardo Sodré, CEO and founder of Project-1 in the video below:

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