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Happy summer, gamers! Fact: Many of you may feel tempted to go outside in June. We advise you not to do that. That mysterious yellow ball up in the sky? That thing is a menace, folks. It can burn your skin! It can make you delirious enough to wear sandals! Better to stay indoors, where it’s safe and cool. And if you’re indoors, you can play Vampyr (PS4, XBONE, PC) which is in stores now. Why Vampyr? Well, for one, it’s a superb game. And two, Game On had a hand in the game’s production. We captured some bloodthirsty action for Vampyr's cutscenes.

From Game On’s POV, video games primarily need two things:

  1. Emotion.
  2. Realism.

The quickest way to give your game emotion and realism is via quality motion capture.

When developer DONTNOD needed more emotion and realism in Vampyr, they did what any reasonable developer would do: they flew 5,500 kilometers from their studio in Paris, France, to Montreal, Quebec, and spent a week with Sam and the team of experts at Game On.

The result was one of the best mocap sessions Game On has ever produced.

The ingredients of this blue-chip mocap session included:

  • Five world-class Montreal actors who stepped into the roles of a variety of characters from Vampyr. (Note: GameOn has access to a bounty of wildly talented actors in Montreal.)
  • A massive soundproof production stage where Game On can easily shoot large-scale mocap sessions.
  • Our own in-house workshop where we home brewed special props for the Vampyr mocap shoot.

“What makes video games different, is that the audience holds the controller and is active and involved. A closeness is formed between players and actors.”

Stephane Beauverger Narrative Director at DONTNOD

Philippe Moreau, Vampyr’s Game Director said, “Because they are human, actors are conscious, sensitive. Actors are able to deliver deep emotions by their look, with their faces, with their expressions. These are subtle characteristics which, in a video game, must be conveyed by digital creations. I want players to feel totally immersed when they play our game.”

You can watch Stephane and Philippe in the video below.

And you can play Vampyr now…if you dare. MUAHAHAHAHA.

And if your game needs more emotion and realism, come see us. Game On has what you need.



Type of work: Motion Capture
Scope of work: Body capture, Temp voice capture, Casting, Data retargeting
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment

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