Game On’s team Meet our staff

SamSam Girardin, CEO and Executive Producer

A visionary entrepreneur, Sam founded Game On after completing his studies and rapidly grew the business. His excellent interpersonal skills and ability to identify and embrace new trends and technologies in the gaming and multimedia industries, contributed to his success in both production and strategic development. Sam is a creative Executive Producer with an excellent understanding of the various issues specific to each project, and is able to effectively utilize all the resources at his disposal.

Thanks to Sam’s ability to develop new business models, Game On has been able to continually adapt to the changing requirements of the outsourcing industry. His vision and leadership combined with Game On’s commitment to extremely high standards in all that they do, have established Game On as a global industry leader.




JosianneJosianne Gagné, Associate Producer and Shoot Manager

Josianne began her journey in this industry studying 3D animation and getting her first job in the world of mocap. This experience helped her make the jump to becoming shoot manager at Ubisoft Montreal.

In April 2015 Josianne joined Game On, bringing with her four years of mocap experience, exceptional interpersonal skills and an organizational aptitude that always improves productivity.

Her contagious energy and commitment to every project that she’s involved with have made her an invaluable member of the Game On team.






MarionMarion Guignolle, Mocap Specialist

Marion Guignolle is a leading mocap specialist at Game On. With a background in 3D animation, she cofounded a video game studio where she was technical art director. Marion has an excellent understanding of all aspects of mocap, whether they are creative or technical.

She has an exceptional eye for detail and is fully dedicated to her work. She is also in charge of all IT related projects at Game On.







NicoBNicolas Bédard, Audio Artist

Nicolas is a man of many abilities and roles at Game On. He handles session preparation, recording, dialog editing and file management.

To all these roles he brings his exceptional organizational skill, always finding the most efficient and effective ways to get a job done to the highest quality.







Nina Tourigny, Production Coordinator

Nina has over 10 years experience in coordinating and managing various projects. Nina brings together all the elements required for recording and mocap sessions. She deals directly with talent agents and management using the strong relationships she has developed over the years.

She books all the required resources (studio, actors, stunt people, and technicians) handling all their contracts and logistical needs as well as coordinating the sessions. Able to adapt quickly and with superb managerial skills, Nina makes sure the sessions always run smoothly.






Arnaud Barenne, Account Manager

Arnaud is a detail oriented account manager. Having studied international business and marketing, Arnaud has put his education into action in many countries around the world.

As a member of the Game On team his responsibilities include building and maintaining client relations, creating communication assets and managing special projects.

Arnaud has a curious mind and is constantly seeking ways to improve upon existing practices.





LuceLuce Caillères, Talent Coordinator

Luce has extensive experience as a project coordinator. She has worked on a wide range of projects that vary in size and scope. Here at Game On, Luce is the one who organizes our castings and studio sessions, she also is responsible for handling a wide variety of resources (studios, performers and technicians). In addition, Luce also deals with contracts and logistical needs for the talent.

Luce is quickly able to adapt to any situation with her expert logistics and management skills. Luce’s project management work at Game On ensures that both studio sessions and mocap shoots run flawlessly.