Audio production Voice over recording, sound design, music and mixing for games

Outsource your audio production to us. With many award-winning AAA games on our résumé, our studio offer all the services your game audio needs. By collaborating directly with you, we’ll identify your needs and create a design framework that delivers.

Dialogue recording for games

At Game On, we know how to handle dialogue heavy games projects; we work on everything from ambitious AAA titles to mobile games and have been a leader in game voice over since 2002. We bring to your script a highly experienced team of technicians, access to the best performers and directors in Canada and the US, and our unique dialogue postproduction workflow. Our studio delivers high-quality assets, on time and either ready to be integrated or directly integrated if needed. Award-winning game dialogue just got simpler.


Total hours of VO recording since 2002.

Upload a dialogue sample and we’ll put it through our postproduction pipeline, then we’ll return it so you can hear our high quality for yourself. Upload your dialogue sample

Video games sound design

Our studio has an award-winning, highly experienced, audio team already assembled. A team of sound designers and integrators who have worked in all video game genres. We do it all while offering strong technical pipeline knowledge using Wwise, Unreal Engine and Unity. Our team will assist your video game’s audio development process. We can be a turn-key solution or an add-on to your audio team.

“Game On has played a crucial role in the creation of our latest game, Outlast. The quality of their work has been praised by millions of players.”

Philippe Morin Co-founder at Red Barrels

On staff sound designers and integrators.


At the 61st MPSE Golden Reel Awards, Batman Arkham Origins was nominated for Best Sound Editing: Computer Interactive Entertainment. We were honoured to work with Supervising Sound Editor Alain Larose and his team on this project.

Music production

Immersion is deeper with the right music. Partner with us to maximize the potential of the music in your video game. Supervising music production is one of our studio core skills and we offer a complete range of services: music licensing, music production, music editing to facilitate in-game integration, and of course, original composition. Let our composers and producers create music to set your video game apart.


Composers we have worked with this year.

Game mixing

We are vastly experienced on all types of video games and platforms, and boast an enviable reputation for our work on AAA games. Our team of award-winning sound engineers have the mixing skills to work on big projects in our state of the art studios. To put it simply, we work with the best mixers in the industry.

“We made the game sound like a billion dollar blockbuster film. And we had a blast! Thanks to the creative minds at Game On.”

Stobe Harju Drama Director at Remedy Entertainment

Lines of dialogue we have mixed.

Frequently asked questions

How quickly can you deliver dialog audio files that are ready to be integrated?

We deliver processed files one business day after they’ve been recorded or received.

Does Canada have a large enough pool of actors?

Yes, Canada has a great pool of talented, experienced video game performers. As a signatory with ACTRA, SAG/AFTRA and UDA, we cast from anywhere in North America. We will find the cast you need.

For any other questions please contact us. Ask your question