VR & Experiential Interactive audio, motion capture and virtual production services

To create cutting edge virtual reality experiences you need cutting edge technology and know-how. That’s what Game On brings to your team. Unleash your creativity in our studio playground with our virtual production, motion capture and audio experts.

Immersive binaural audio Recreate 3D positioning in a stereo environment for true immersive experiences.

“We always have received an impeccable service from Game On.
 The Game On team always establishes a real spirit of cooperation. 
It feels just like home and we look forward to coming back.”


Geneviève Forest
Producer at Moment Factory

Real-time virtualization Design and iterate until your project is fully realized. We make the process faster by allowing you to direct the performers in your 3D environment in RT.
Portfolio Portfolio: Our motion capture and audio teams helped produce over a hundred games on all major platforms including VR and experiential projects.
"VR: The next big thing in audio?" Read about what Game On has to say about audio in VR on Gamesindustry.biz
Studio facilities 13,000 square feet of space for us in our mocap and audio studios to bring your ideas to life.

Virtual sets: the playground for your creativity.

Use our extensive toolbox to create your next project. We’re already using the technologies others have only just heard about. Make the most of all the possibilities provided by our cutting edge technologies: motion capture system, virtual camera, green screen, real-time previs and more.

Hub Zero Dubai.

Riva Park’s Hub Zero in Dubai is an indoor amusement park that brings video game IPs to life. So when they needed to create immersive and realistic audio for 15 interactive attractions, they called Game On.