Interactive Audio Virtual reality and experiential audio production services

Our creative team and our studio's full range of audio tools provide an ideal sound lab to create incredibly immersive environments that will bring your VR experience to life.

Binaural audio

To achieve total immersion in your virtual reality game you need perfect audio. Whether your project is real-time or pre-rendered, we can implement a 3D sound environment in a pair of headphones that delivers exactly that. Our team of specialists ensure an excellent binaural audio delivery of your original soundtrack.

Sound design for virtual reality

We were the first audio outsourcing company in Canada to ship game audio in VR. We have an award winning, experienced audio team; a lineup of designers and integrators with a wealth of knowledge in the VR world. Our studio offers you a virtual sandbox with all the “toys” and support you need to fulfill your projects potential.

“Game On was a valuable partner to have on our side during the development of FATED. They understand that sound design in virtual reality requires special care and they didn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to make the final product great.”

Vincent Martel Executive Producer

Sound designers and integrators.

Interactive music

Music is a powerful way to accentuate emotions. It’s an incredible tool to deepen audience immersion. Our composers and producers can bring to life the perfect soundtrack, enhancing moods and creating fascinating audio environments.


Composers we have worked with this year.


We are vastly experienced in the world of VR, and boast an enviable reputation for our work in this field. Our experience in immersive audio comes mainly from our video game experience, and we have the agility to translate your sound environment into a quality VR. Our team of award-winning sound engineers have the skills to work on big projects in our state of the art studios. To put it simply, we work with the best mixers in the industry.

Frequently asked questions

How can audio be immersive?

We use techniques we have mastered in the video game world to spatialize the sound environment. The results are stunning, totally immersing the user into the experience.

Are you able to create binaural audio in real time?

Absolutely. In fact we can do it in real time or prerendered – whatever you need.

For any other questions please contact us. Ask your question